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Suarez !nspired Republic (S!R) is a music publishing company, owned and operated by CEOs DaVonte Suarez "iamDES" and Krisheena. Suarez !nspired Republic produces R&B and Hip Hop music which is published online worldwide at over 600 quality digital music stores.

The official mission of S!R is “to use music to touch peoples lives” and “to create a culture through supreme inspiration


“I like to think of our music as storytelling,” write Suarez !nspired Republic. “It's like a blank canvas, that we as artists use to create the bigger picture through our words. Picasso of music.”

“Our inspiration, themes, and topics come from everywhere, really." 

Hailing from the west coast and the midwest, respectively, iamDES and Krisheena have performed in NYC's Bronx borough, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Arizona, and more.



With plenty of plans for the future, Suarez !nspired Republic are quick to voice their affection for their loyal fan base.

“On behalf of the members of Suarez

!nspired Republic, we would like to thank you all for the support and love that we continually get. You really are appreciated. Thank you all.”

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