DaVonte Suarez


Hip Hop Head

Top 5 Hip Hop albums

1. Midnight Marauders- Tribe Called Quest!!!

2. It Was Written-Nas

3. Be-Common

4. College Dropout-Kanye West

5. Paid In Full- Eric B. & Rakim

Honorable mention:

good kid, m.A.A.d city-Kendrick Lamar

(It's the Cali Kid in me)


Cortez Suarez

When I wear Nike Cortez I feel a closer connection to home, Cali. Growing up, the people I looked up to were sort of minimalists in the style that they dressed. I remember them wearing white t-shirts, blue jeans, and Nikes. Simple.  I will wear Cortez on my feet like the tattoos on my arms. Permanent.




iamDes's hip hop journey started at the age of seven, in Southern California. Growing up, he showed a strong love for poetry and music, listening to a variety of artists, from The Rolling Stones to Billie Holiday, and the list goes on. When asked about his first love for music, "Music has always been an important part of me. It was my escape from life. When most kids would shut down, I learned to apply my pain and struggle to my music."

He has performed with a number of different artists, such as Adina Howard, Waka Flocka Flame, E-40, hip hop legends: Slick Rick, The God Emcee Rakim, and more. iamDes states, "Hip hop is extremely competitive, and I used to compete, but now the only one I'm trying to beat is myself. This game is me vs me! I can be in a room full of people, but still drift away in my head with lyrics and song ideas."

As an owner of the music publishing company "Suarez !nspired (Inspired) Republic," and non-profit organization, "31 

Reasons To Smile," iamDes proudly says, "I consider myself a dreamer and, most importantly, someone whose music is meant to inspire by expressing my verbal and visual take on the world around me."